Addition to the Duettino Family -  The Duettino Walnut

Addition to the Duettino Family - The Duettino Walnut

Duettino Walnut is the latest addition to the Duettino product family: the wall mount system is finished with black as a new colour for the strong metal base and American walnut as bicycle protector.

Traditionally the Macmilano bike rack Duettino with wooden carriers combines an all-metal solid base with a bicycle protector made of natural wood. 

Macmilano opens up new design possibilities with its symbiosis of metal and wood. Thanks to its restrained design and the beauty and warmth of real hardwood, the Duettino Walnut can be easily combined with all materials and textures in an interior. This makes it suitable for both classic spaces as well as more modern concepts.

Materials matter

One of the best ways to shop more sustainable is by buying good quality pieces that also wear and last longer. We carefully select the type and individual piece of wood for the quality and the grain’s unique character. The FSC-certified walnut wood for this new member of the Duettino family is sustainably harvested. In these forests the wood is being removed parallel with the growth rate, so it will retain its indefinite forest character.

Many Duettinos

Give more expression to your space with more than one Duettino. Its minimalistic design and very easy installation enables you to create all kinds of patterns and configurations.