Macmilano, connecting functionality with style.

Macmilano, connecting functionality with style. 

Great news for the cycling lovers who have a good eye for design. Macmilano is a start-up that produces and sells exclusive bicycle accessories. 

In November, Macmilano launched a first collection of bicycle hanging systems: ‘Duetto’ en ‘Duetto Wood’. These products were developed with a clear vision: solid, easy to use, a sleek modern design and ‘Made in Belgium’. 


Duetto Wood The Duetto Wood combines natural materials with the strength of a metal base. The bicycle is stored by placing the top tube on the wooden carriers. Thanks to this minimalistic look, your bicycle will become a real showpiece in your interior. 

Duetto The Duetto is the eye catcher within the Duetto family because of the use of high-quality materials and the addition of subtle accents. The tanned leather will keep your bike in the best condition. Due to its luxurious character, the Duetto is even more appealing. The installation of the Duetto is identical to all other products within this family. 

Bottle Oro+Nero Macmilano also thinks about the cyclist on the road. The Macmilano Oro + Nero bottle is a light drinking bottle with a strong design. The cap has a lockable spout that prevents leaks during the most memorable sports moments.