New Year, new gear. Discover the new Shelvio finishes & more

New Year, new gear. Discover the new Shelvio finishes & more

Over the past months, Macmilano continued the process of enlarging the Duetto and Shelvio family within its range of colours and finish. Today, Macmilano expands the new Duetto product line with Rosa Nero, Nero and Vintage Black. The Shelvio product line welcomes the black painted shelf.  

Colour Palette

Duetto offers several finishes of leather and steel to add a colour palette to your design: the original black/gold and brown/metallic and the new black/copper, brown/black and the complete black. All of them show an authentic, strong architectural look & feel to match perfectly with other Macmilano products.

These ultra-modular bicycle holders allow you to accentuate architectural detail and characterise beauty. These Duetto’s are designed to be functional, minimalistic and strong.

The ability to combine all these different colour finishes with the two colour possibilities of the Shelvio, ensures that each and every Duetto fits into any type of interior.

The newly released line offers an answer to the search for a harmonious synthesis between functionality and beauty that adheres with Macmilano's work. 

Living in a material world

... at least as far as our bicycle holders are concerned. There's no material Macmilano doesn’t work with: from painted aluminium over tanned leather to turned copper. We create bike furniture that you don’t find on every wall. 

It’s exactly this outstanding combination of design and material that defines a genuine Macmilano wall mount system. Choose your favourite from our range of different finishes in our new collection and let the Duetto family become your family!