Shelvio by Macmilano – the newest modular shelf to consider your bike and gear as family

Shelvio by Macmilano – the newest modular shelf to consider your bike and gear as family

Macmilano is thrilled to introduce the Shelvio – the latest Belgium made featured addition to its popular lineup of bike storage equipment. It's designed to combine the love for cycling and architectural furniture. Treat your bike and gear with the best care, like you would care for your own family.

Elegant multi-use interior storage
In the succession of the previously launched products, this high-end brand has decided to expand the Duetto and Duettino family. Nowadays multi-use and multifunctional are trending topics. With its elegant and clever bike storage solutions Macmilano wants to respond to the needs of the customers.

Create your peace of mind with the versatile Shelvio
Day by day new trends and urban developments are changing consumers' needs and habits. Proud cyclists of any kind don’t want to leave their bikes in bike parks or sheds anymore. They want to keep their bikes close to them for protection and others also want to blend in their showpiece in their home interior.

And that home interior is just what this Shelvio is made for. It’s more than just a bike stand or bike rack, it’s a way to optimize free spaces inside houses and create room to keep your bike and gear together.

The multifunctional Shelvio with sleek design is developed to increase a peace of mind and let people have maximum bike pleasure.

The simple, rectangular shape of the shelf provides a soft transition, keeping the emphasis always on the bike.

Duetto or not Duetto?
The Shelvio can be installed as a stand-alone application (coming soon), e.g. to organize other interior attributes, but it can also be installed together with the Duetto or Duettino. The biggest advantages of the Shelvio Duetto/Duettino combination is that nothing extra needs to be fixed into the wall and that it’s the perfect match for your bike and gear, just like Romeo and Juliet are.

The Shelvio can be bought in the webshop and via the official dealers.