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Our story

Macmilano is a design collective that specializes in architectural furniture design and outspoken bicycle storage equipment. The Belgian brand, founded in 2018 by Jens Baert and Ruben Teirlinck, connects a strong design philosophy with the love for the bike. They unite a passion for aesthetics and technique with sustainable and ethical manufacturing. At Macmilano they create high quality workmanship and combine the best high-end materials, to design products that will last beyond fads and trends. Macmilano let all their values work together in order to achieve a common goal: the satisfaction of the clients.


Globally, the two-wheeler is becoming more and more popular in the street scene. Reflecting the spirit of the time and what’s happening right now, our planet needs the bike more than ever. The bicycle improves your health and tackles many environmental problems like traffic jams which create pollution through noise and exhaust emissions.

It’s in our DNA to develop and produce design products for cycling minded people, which not only offers a unique solution that transforms spaces but also illustrates an own and innovative design rooted in simplicity, functionality and optimism.

Take your bike, enjoy and break boundaries

People behind Macmilano